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Olibird with Nesting (2021)
By Ingela Ihrman
Performed in 'Nocturne
at Gasworks London 
29th April 2023 

Role- Baby Bird


Olibird with Nesting by Ingela Ihrman.jpeg

Film 'Thieves' (2022)
By Michelle Williams Gamaker
Previewed in 'Our
 Mountains Are Painted on Glass' at South London Gallery 
April 2022
 - June 2023

Role- The Annamaytons
          Choreography Director and Annamaytons Casting


Fox's Journey

11. June. 2022


Durational Performance from Archway station to the Highgate Cemetary  

- Live to Camera


Duration: 1 hour and a half

Materials: Body and Fox Mask

Photo Credit: Daniel J Candler

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