The Wall Painting from the performance​

- Broken map :Fox Rain 狐雨


Scale of painting 3m × 5m

​Painted on the wall

​Material : Collected materials - Rainwater, dusts, wall dusts, wood dusts, baby powder from performers face, given pigment (blue) and Japanese Black ink.

Tree Linked Abstract paintings (Byobu) 空舞  


Scale of painting 3m × 1m

​Painted on canvas

​Material : Acryl Paints, Japanese Ink


Performative Abstract Painting 雲黙


Scale of painting - Changeable 

​Painted on canvas

Materials : Acryl Paints, Collected wood powder


No title


​Acrylic painting on canvas

​Scale 1m × 1m



​Acrylic painting on canvas

​Scale 1m × 45cm

After the painting process I was melting colors with white spirit.



​Acrylic painting on Fabric

This fabric was washed after it is been  painted.

​Scale 3m × 2.5m



​Acrylic painting on canvas

​Scale 2.5m × 2.5m

Live Performance

​Scale of painting 2m × 2m

Materials : Acrylic paints

to the blue confusion - 青之溷濁


Acrylic Painting on canvas

Scale 1m × 45cm

My Dream, Desire and Struggle - 影ヲ追ウ


Water colors on Japanese Washi paper

Scale 15cm × 15cm

No title 


Acrylic painting on 3 canvases

Scale - ​20cm × 30cm

​Facing Each 合手一絵 


Performative Painting 

Scale of painting - 3m × 5m

​Painted on the studio  wall - this piece was erased off from the wall in  the end of the course.

​Materials - Acrylic Paints 


within the painting process,  this wall painting became a friendly object  as anyone could touch, scratch or put anything on top of it.  I asked some of my class mates to hand print on the wall  by choosing any color that represent their sadness and fear. 

Other than what I saw  on the wall, it was more of an experience of having a painting as an object that can be touched. One way of sharing.

Painting became more precious and lovable after it is been marked by people​ and it became more like a celebration object.


Hand prints represented characteristics of the person  well.

When I started my art practice, I questioned the color 'Blue' as it meant something undiscribable in my entire practice. Reflecting on my childhood,  'Blue' - was the first color that I have seen in art world which represents sadness, straggle, control.