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Cocoon's travel - 春期繭 

19. May. 2018


 Live Performance in Sweden Uppsala - Live to Camera


Duration: 1 hour and a half

Materials: Body and White Fabric  (10meter)


The performance started with 10-meter fabric from the station and took 30 minutes to get to the riverside.

There was physical contact between the fabric and the objects that were connected to the body.


 While taking a slow walk from the station to the riverside, a fabric collected the dust, people's spit and some rubbish, from the public ground and physical contact between pedestrians and vehicles left the footprints and tire marks on fabric.  By the end of the performance, the fabric was tied to a tree where I hanged and wrapped my body completely to become one piece of cocoon for another 30 minutes and at last, came out from the fabric and stood outside with the body covered in dust and wastes.

Beyond the Curve is Cold  - Cocoon  冬季繭 II

18. January. 2018


 Live Performance




Duration: 15 minutes

Materials: Silk Fabric, stones and white powder


Stones were stitched to the silk fabric and when I stood and wrapped my self into a fabric It made the sound.

I was reading a poem that I wrote for my self, however, the audience was not able to hear the voice because I was breading quietly but at the same time I was breathing deeply and made each word blurry.

After I read the poem, I came out from the fabric and I blew the white powder out of my mouth.

cocoon 冬季繭
noe iwai cocoon 冬季繭

Cocoon - 冬季繭 

02. December. 2017


Public Live Performance




Duration 1 hour

Materials: Silk Fabric


I went to the forest and I tied my silk fabric to a tree. After that slowly wrapped my self into a fabric and when I became an object I stayed there still for an hour.

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