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Karate Painting and Performance 27. February. 2015

Karate Painting Performance

Live Performance

​Scale of the trace 2.5m × 3m

​Scale of painting 2m × 2m

​Duration 15 minutes

Materials : Bucket of water, Acrylic paints (Blue and Black), Body.

Karate painting performance

Karate Painting Performance Practice

karate painting performance l

Performance Painting with Karate movement

19. April. 2014

Title: Performance and painting or the Painting performance?

Live Performance

​Scale of work and trace 2.5m × 3m

​Duration 15 minutes

​Materials : Black ink and canvas sheet

Karate sand painting performance

​Karate movement with the sand

18. June. 2014

Title: What is Important, Trace or the Performance?

Live Performance

​Scale of work and trace 2m × 3m

​Duration 15 minutes

​Materials : Sand and canvas sheet

Experimental body print

​5. February. 2014

​Scale of the trace, 40cm × 25cm

​Materials : Canvas, Blue paints

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