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Make It Public

at The Design Museum

11th of July 2020

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The Identity Box

Parinda Sakdanaraseth, Xiaojuan Pang, Kel Jackson, Yunyun Guo, Minmin Xia, Noe Iwai, Geffen Refaeli

Addressing the current situation, The Identity Box reflects on how the concept of ‘identity’ can be viewed as a construct that functions as a box - physical, conceptual, emotional, cognitive and social - from which one might be forced to step out of. Working across the fields of art, design and architecture, these perspectives will be explored through a series of intimate online interviews with artists, designers and scholars. These interdisciplinary conversations use identity as a lens through which to create connections between professionals working in different fields of thought and practice.

Join us at 11:00 to see the collective in conversation with Tnop Wangsillapakun in conversation. Other interviewees include Noam Goldway, Umberto Giovannini, Miaomiao Lee, Ruijing Ge, Jiawei Guo, Dr Jonathan Ashley-Smith and Diane Ashley-Smith, and can be viewed on the Identity website.

Noe Iwai in Conversation


Jonathan and Diane Ashley-Smith

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