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​Cocoon's travel - 春期繭 

19. May. 2018

 Live Performancein Sweden Uppsala - Live to Camera

Duration : 1 hour and half

​Materials : Body and White Fabric  (10meter)

Pile up - ツモル II

27. February. 2018

 Live Performance


Duration :  5 minutes

​Materials : Corals, water and white powder

noe iwa's  artwork
noe iwai's artwork
noe iwai ツモル pile up

Pile up - ツモル

29. January. 2018

 Live Performance



Duration :  10 minutes

​Materials : White powder

pile up ツモル noe iwai

Beyond the Curve is Cold  - Cocoon  冬季繭 II

18. January. 2018


 Live Performance




Duration: 15 minutes

Materials: Silk Fabric, stones and white powder


Stones were stitched to the silk fabric and when I stood and wrapped my self into a fabric It made the sound.

I was reading a poem that I wrote for my self, however, the audience was not able to hear the voice because I was breading quietly but at the same time I was breathing deeply and made each word blurry.

After I read the poem, I came out from the fabric and I blew  the white powder out of my mouth.

cocoon 冬季繭

Peace of ....   - Stone Play  III


Live Performance


Duration: 15 minutes

Materials: Daily clothes and stones


I wore my daily casual knit dress.  I wrapped my self inside, hide my heads legs and hands. I became a piece of the object and started to collect stones that were spread on the ground. At the end of this performance when I could not take any more stones, I spat out all the stones outside of the dress and left the space.

noe iwai cocoon 冬季繭

Cocoon - 冬季繭 

02. December. 2017


Public Live Performance




Duration 1 hour

Materials: Silk Fabric


I went to the forest and I tied my silk fabric to a tree. After that slowly wrapped my self into a fabric and when I became an object I stayed there still for an hour.

Silk with ... - Stone Play II


Live Performance


Duration 15 minutes

Materials : Silk fabric 10m × 10m, Paint (blue and gold) and Stones.

Ohajiki  (Flipping Game) - Stone Play  



Live Performance



Duration 15 minutes

Materials: Stones



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