Fallen Bow, Fallen words: 落礼落語

10 May. 2019 

Royal College of Art, Battersea, London

- Live Performance

Photo Credit: Louise Riou-Djukic, Kelvin Atmadibrata and

Asimisis Alexiou

Fox Says: 狐ことば

27. February. 2019 

Studio 9294, Wallis Road, E9 5NL, London

- Live Performance


Performed with Rakugo (Japanese Fallen words) entertainment performance with lipsyncing with the recording and written poem. 


Duration: 20 minutes 

Materials: Fox Mask, Red Carpet, Seat cushion, Hand Fan, Japanese guitar instrument and handcrafted paper Airplane.


Video Credit and Editing: Sara Marinangeli

Okuri-bi (Ceremonial Bonfire) 

7. January. 2019 at Imba Lake, Japan  - Live to Camera


Duration: 1 hour and a half

Materials: Newspaper, Fire and the body.

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