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Material : Mirror from my mother, Blue face paint, scissors and shaver.

Live to Camera - Video

​Duration 1 hour

I have painted my face blue, and I was cutting my hair first by scissors and got my hair shaved by my friend.

​After shaving my hair, I have stared at my self on the mirror and wiped all the blue paint off.

Association of  the Nature Distraction 


Live Performance

​Scale of the trace 2.5m × 3m​

​Duration 15 - 20  minutes

Materials : Bucket of water, Stones, Blue pigment, Liquid soap, Lilies, Sands, Canvas Fabric and white cloth.

Performed a 'child play' based on my memory of childhood experience.

I have build sand houses and placed Lilies on top of canvas with bucket of water. After that, I have covered my body with wet cloth and mimicking fake martial art movement. I was splushing blue paint and soap liquid on canvas and stepping on each blobs of sands.
There were music played by two guitarists and untuned music were played during the performance.

Fighting Blue


​Acrylic painting on canvas

​Scale 3m × 3m

Live Performance

​Scale of the trace 2.5m × 3m

​Scale of painting 2m × 2m

​Duration 15 minuets

Materials : Bucket of water, Acrylic paints (Blue and Black), Body.

I used the method of Japanese tradditional meditation by washing my upper body on top of canvas. Afterwords I  performed two different types of karate movement on top of canvas.

Washing Blue


​Acrylic painting on Fabric

This fabric was washed after it is been  painted.

​Scale 3m × 2.5m

Melting Blue


​Acrylic painting on canvas

​Scale 1m × 45cm

No title


Acrylic painting on 3 canvases

Scale - ​20cm × 30cm

My Dream, Desire and Struggle - 影ヲ追ウ


Water colors on Japanese Washi paper

Scale 15cm × 15cm

to the blue confusion - 青之溷濁


Acrylic Painting on canvas

Scale 1m × 45cm

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